What would you do if you loved yourself? — Weekly wisdom

Hey friends,

This is a post I call “Weekly Wisdom”, which includes different perspectives and life lessons that I feel can bring mental clarity to people.

Let’s dive in.

  1. “If I love myself…” — Kamal Ravikant

Author of the best selling book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, Kamal Ravikant shares his personal story with overcoming depression and dodging suicide by making a commitment to love himself. Sounds cheesy to some folks, but read on. While sharing his story, he shares a strategy he uses to help him love himself. That strategy is simply a question he asks himself. “If I love myself, what would I do?”

Sometimes, in order to love ourselves, we need to make tough choices. And this question serves as a great way to navigate the good from the bad choices. I applied this questioning to myself, and when I asked myself “if I loved myself, what action would I take?” I found myself eating the healthier meals and having the making tough conversations with people. So I want to ask you, if you love yourself what would you do?

2. Your biggest expertise is not knowing the skill you’re about to dive into — Naveen Jain


This is from a podcast listed above. Serial entrepreneur, Naveen Jain brought about an interesting perspective with skill acquisition that I find worth sharing. In his interview with Jay Shetty, Jay asks him how he learns skills and how he’s able to set audacious goals with them to build the success he’s created. Naveen then responds with the idea that his biggest strength is NOT having much knowledge about what he’s about to dive into. This allows him to approach the field with an open mind, absorbing as much information as he can. As someone who has no initial expertise, he doesn’t know the rules and what’s possible to accomplish. And the very fact that he doesn’t know what’s possible, allows him to set the biggest goals for himself.

3. Lower the expectation — Tim Ferriss


This is from another podcast, with another serial entrepreneur, Tim Ferris. He talks about goal setting and shares that the way he approaches it is lowering the expectation of the goal itself. Very different approach I think from Naveen’s above, so pick and choose what works better for you. Tim believes that feeling good about yourself (from making the task not overwhelming), is a precursor to actually performing well. So for writing, the goal shouldn’t be to churn out 3 pages of words well written, but maybe simply 2 pages of crappy writing. We know our first drafts are messy anyway, so it’s a great way to defuse “writer’s block” and get into that state of flow.

4. Auto suggestion — Napoleon Hill

Author of the world renowned book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, has one concept in that book that I don’t find much people discussing theses days. That concept is Auto Suggestion. Napoleon describes it as the communication between the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. And this is the one thing that differentiates us from animals, to control what we think about, the ability to question.

And he compares the sub-conscious mind to a garden. If a garden is not well maintained, weeds will grow. With that understanding, if we consciously don’t put anything into our sub-conscious, if we do not impress any positive thoughts, then negative thoughts or simply any thoughts will grow. These thoughts will then eventually manifest in the physical form of our lives.

So in a practical sense, we must repeatedly make time to write down and visualize what we want, to truly manifest it rather than being played by the randomness of life.

Those are my some of my bigger lessons of the week. I hope you all enjoyed the nuggets as much as I did, and I hope these bits of wisdom propel you to more peace and joy in your lives.

Much Love,




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